Monday, October 17, 2011

7: Rude

I've been pretty rude, where are my manners? I have yet to introduce myself, my name is Adrian "Alexis" Whitefield. It's funny, I got the nickname Alexis, because I used it as a user name as a child, because back then I didn't understand the difference in gender when it comes to names, I guess the name kind of stuck with me. Anyway, I've been talking about the gods, Jaza and black-sludge jellyfish for too long and nothing has happened since the incident in my apartment, so I decided to talk a bit about myself.

I'm a 23 year old guy living by myself in Kiev, London.  I work at a bookstore and study the paranormal and collect magical artifacts in my spare time. I actually found the Chimera Bazaar by accident in an lucid dream I had. If it wasn't for the other people at the bazaar I probably wouldn't have known what to do. It was then that I met Loki for the first time, he explained what the Chimera Bazaar was.

Then I began repeatedly going there, which has a bit of a strain on my personal life, like the time I took over the bazaar for Jaza, yeah I slept for a whole year. Thank god I live alone or people might have thought I died.

After realizing that Jaza knows many languages, including English, but doesn't have the necessary vocal-chords to speak it, I began to just talk to him like he was a mute. I just asked simple yes/no questions and things like that and in a few earth days, we had become good friends.

I don't have many friends in the "real" world, which is why I'm glad that I found Jaza and the others. I love the dream world.
Sometimes Loki & Pandora visit me in the "real" world, in their human forms, which I think is nice of them.
Jaza however can't come to visit me, because he is bound by the bazaar.
It is kind of sad, I would love to show him my collection.

I really want to research this bazaar, because it has not always existed, it is barely 600 years old, so who created it? Was it Jaza? Someone else?


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