Monday, October 17, 2011

7: Rude

I've been pretty rude, where are my manners? I have yet to introduce myself, my name is Adrian "Alexis" Whitefield. It's funny, I got the nickname Alexis, because I used it as a user name as a child, because back then I didn't understand the difference in gender when it comes to names, I guess the name kind of stuck with me. Anyway, I've been talking about the gods, Jaza and black-sludge jellyfish for too long and nothing has happened since the incident in my apartment, so I decided to talk a bit about myself.

I'm a 23 year old guy living by myself in Kiev, London.  I work at a bookstore and study the paranormal and collect magical artifacts in my spare time. I actually found the Chimera Bazaar by accident in an lucid dream I had. If it wasn't for the other people at the bazaar I probably wouldn't have known what to do. It was then that I met Loki for the first time, he explained what the Chimera Bazaar was.

Then I began repeatedly going there, which has a bit of a strain on my personal life, like the time I took over the bazaar for Jaza, yeah I slept for a whole year. Thank god I live alone or people might have thought I died.

After realizing that Jaza knows many languages, including English, but doesn't have the necessary vocal-chords to speak it, I began to just talk to him like he was a mute. I just asked simple yes/no questions and things like that and in a few earth days, we had become good friends.

I don't have many friends in the "real" world, which is why I'm glad that I found Jaza and the others. I love the dream world.
Sometimes Loki & Pandora visit me in the "real" world, in their human forms, which I think is nice of them.
Jaza however can't come to visit me, because he is bound by the bazaar.
It is kind of sad, I would love to show him my collection.

I really want to research this bazaar, because it has not always existed, it is barely 600 years old, so who created it? Was it Jaza? Someone else?

Friday, October 14, 2011

6: Jellyfish Abomination

I am truly glad to be alive. 
Why? Well, remember Zaa? Yeah, she showed up again. I was just minding my own business when suddenly, out of no where this jellyfish abomination came up to me at home. 

This was the first time I'd gotten a good look at it. It really looked like a black sludge-jellyfish. It's weird black goo dripped on me and quite frankly burned my jeans into my skin.

-"YCH SKKCLE DIX", she yelled.

I of course didn't understand a word she was saying, but I had the bad feeling that I was about to die as it began approaching me more and more.
I covered my head as is human instinct and actually was just waiting for my death, but nothing happened.

I looked up and saw Jaza standing in my room. He seemed to be fixating on Zaa, almost like he was targeting it.

- "FXOIX OZ LOKKCH THYR DIX", Zaa yelled at him.

Zaa began approaching me again. I thought my number was up, but suddenly there was a giant light coming from Jaza.

His hand quickly turned into a sword shaped light as he ran into Zaa.

Zaa screamed in what I assume was pain and squirted the black sludge it was apparently made of into Jaza's face area and the went out the window.

Jaza then retracted the "light sword", somehow and began to look at me.

Even though in cloak form no one could see his face, I knew what he was "saying".
It was kind of like his very blank expression was telling me: "I better get going"

After a while he disappeared. I still have no idea how he does that.

After this cluster fuck of weirdness, I went to have myself a nice bath. I had to cut a circle in my jeans around the part where that goo went and it took a long time to get the rest of my skin. I have thanks to Zaa 4th degree burn mark on my leg.

I actually found Zaa's appearance normal compared to the weirdness of seeing Jaza show up and use his power like that. I had no idea he could do that.
He never stops fascinating me.

5: Japho & Jaza

I've heard many of a story about Jaza's old life.
Jaza didn't found the bazaar till around the 1500's. So of course he did a lot of other stuff, some of which is now in history books and books of forgotten lore.
Here is a story that is not really well known to most egyptians.

Japho & Jaza

A man named Japho once approached the temple of Ra in search of enlightenment. It is said that he passed out on the spot and had a dream in which Ra told him to go to Persia and find his latest creation, Jaza. Jaza at the time was purely in his Egyptian princess form.  When Japho arrived at Jaza's Palace in Persia, which Ra had given Jaza, he asked Jaza to give him enlightenment. Jaza proceeded to snap his fingers and just like that the floors were laid down with gold, jewels and beautiful women. Jaza just looked at Japho for a while, like he was expecting something from him. Japho was a cautious cat and didn't trust Jaza, so he went around all of the things on the floor and approached Jaza. Jaza clapped slowly for Japho for he had passed the test of desire. Jaza then gave Japho his wish, true enlightenment.

I find it interesting to read these past legends of Jaza. It can be interpreted as either happy and sad. On one hand Jaza was being treated like a goddess at that time and was treated with respect and honor, but on the other hand Jaza had never really got respect from his father, Ra and also it seems that Jaza was just a pawn to Ra. That is why most people in the world have forgotten Jaza. 
Maybe that is why Jaza collects peoples most cherished memory, because he never really had one.

4: Jaza's Year Off

Like I explained earlier, I kind of have a connection to Jaza and see myself as some sort of father figure to him.That is why I decided to go have a talk with him earlier today.

- "Jaza, I think you should take a day off from the bazaar"

He looked at me like I was insane for even thinking that.

-"I mean if I recall you haven't taken a day off for centuries"

He still looked like I was going to torture him, but it's understandable, he loves the bazaar, it's his raison d'etre.

- "Look I am concerned about you, that's why I'm offering to take care of the bazaar today and you go do whatever you want"

Maybe it was the fact that he appreciated that I cared so much for him or he just simply changed his mind, but he agreed with me in the end.

- "Have fun" I said and waved at him.

Those were my last words to him, he then proceeded to shift into his Egyptian princess form and disappeared, I assume with teleportation, but what do I know.

From what the others have told me the transaction process is automatic at the bazaar, so the only reason someone needs to be there is to watch out for shop lifters and potential scams.

There were some interesting customers, mostly the humans. The humans are always interesting to see at the bazaar, because they have to either be very special(like have god DNA) or have very strong willpower, either way I am always impressed.

Since time is a little weird in the dream world so it gave me a lot of time to think.
I was a little worried about him, because rumor has it, although at this point you can call it legend, that in his Egyptian princess form he is very uhm.... how do I put this delicately?; joyful with sexual encounters.
That might be wrong though,because he hasn't been in this form for 800 years, this might just be a thing humans made up. It's just one of those things I worry about, I guess. But it does make sense though, I certainly would hump everything that moved if I would stand here and let my libido boil up for over 800 years. You can at least admire his patience.

Anyway, there wasn't anything particularly weird that happened that day.
Pandora and Loki came by.

-"Where's Jaza?", they asked in chorus.

-"I told him I'd take care of things here so he could have a human year off"

-"That's nice of you, we just stopped by to give him an invitation to our wedding, but since you're here we can just give you yours while we're at it"

Yeah, there was really no point in giving him a written invitation since he can't read written language , I mean he can barely understand spoken language.

Second of all, I find it a little weird that they are getting married. Isn't that a little incestuous since Loki is basically her uncle. I'm not judging just saying, they are sort of my friends so I'll support them all the way.


Then they went on their merry way.
Nothing else happened that day.

When Jaza came back to the bazaar at the end of the day, he was still in his princess form.

-"Welcome back, did you have fun?"

He just looked at me with his cute little eyes, smiled and nodded.
He seemed very grateful.
He then hugged me, which honestly kind of made me feel like the whole thing was worth it.
After that very touching moment he changed back to his cloak form and went back to work.
Just like that.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

3: The birth of Zaa

Who is Zaa(pronounced Za-a).
Remember the high warning I got the other day about not opening the box?
Yeah, I kind of opened it.

After I opened it a bunch of gases and smokes came out of the box, the box flew up in the air and made a hole in my roof.
I thought that perhaps Jaza had sold me a fake box, but that was not the case.
Did the box come back?

Oh, it came back alright. As I've found out is that a curse laid down on the box by the combined powers of Pandora and Loki all the evil in the word was turned into a tiny kernel, which they called "The Essence of Pandora". This Kernel was sealed in the box. When I opened it the kernel went into space and the pressure and radiation from the sun caused the kernel to mutate at an alarming rate. This caused the birth of Zaa.

Yeah, it was hard to believe Loki when I asked him, but others reassured me that that's what actually happened.

When Zaa came first to my place I was terrified. Zaa kind of looks like a very big black jellyfish, but with more arms.

She had crashed my door down and was just floating around in the doorway.

"ZCH ZCKH FACKHKXIXA" was the first thing Zaa said to me.
Of course I had no idea what it was telling me.

As I later found out, being the reincarnation of the essence of Pandora, it only knows one language, Pandorian.

ZCH ZCKH FACKHKXIXA appearantly means(given Pandora's translation when I asked her later): "I am born"

I just looked at this thing, I mean I deal with monsters, devils & godly beings everyday, but this was the first thing that I've seen that comes close to being an alien.

"ZCH KNCHIM ZAA", it continued.

I just stood there and kept saying that I didn't understand.


Then it just flew away into the night.
I was worried what I had done. Who wouldn't be worried, except maybe drug-users.

I consulted Pandora, who happened to have Loki as her guest at the time on the matter. She explained the above to me.
I asked her to translate the Pandorian language, but I could only remember the first one.
She looked very distracted, perhaps she and Loki were in the middle of something, when I came upon their doorsteps.
I've noticed a lot of chemistry between them, makes sense considering they both have the nasty habit of dooming the world, this time it was technically me who doomed the world, but they played a big part in it. I think.

I'm sure this will turn out fine, I have a legion of gods on my side, what could go wrong?

2: Pandora isn't happy

Jaza is often very lonely. Like a bartender of an unpopular tavern he just sits there at his bazaar till someone has enough motivation and willpower to come to his bazaar.

One day I decided to pay him a visit.
As I entered the dream world and walked towards his bazaar I could see that he was excited to see me.

- "Hello Jaza, my old friend", I said.

He looked at me and smiled. 

Jaza is sad most of the time, because he can't speak to anyone. Jaza has no grasp on human language or language in general, so he usually just uses body language.

I looked around for interesting things I could add to my collection, of course I had to be cautious while getting something there since it has a weird method of payment. You have to give Jaza your most cherished memory.
I have to this day no idea what Jaza does with those memories, but basically he takes them from your mind and puts them in a vessel he keeps around at all times.

There were a lot of interesting things there like Odin's Skull; Hands of Glory; the Vorpal Sword and so forth.
But one thing I saw intrigued me; the original Pandora's Box. Me being a famous collector of paranormal items would be a fool not to take an opportunity like that. 
So I bought it, I of course have no idea what memory I paid with, obviously. That is the nature of the transaction.

I talked to Jaza for a while, he of course just stood there and listened. It seemed to make him happy.
I myself enjoy shopping there, because unlike humans, I do not have to deal with the consequences.

Humans are weak, therefor they can not comprehend the items that are on sale.

After I took the box home, I realized that it had a note on top of it.

To whom it may concern.
I warn thee...
Pandora shall not be happy.
Pandora will keep an eye on thee.
If you open the box...
Well, you just doomed the world again.

I found that strange, I framed the note, cause obviously it was from Pandora herself, making it a paranormal object.

I decided to keep the box in the back room where I keep my more valuable stuff.
I was happy with this addition.

Like I told you there are positive sides to the bazaar, you just have to have the right state of mind going in.

1: Bazaar of your dreams

In your dreams you might find a magical place. A place in the middle of your dream world. Right there is the bazaar of wonders. This is the Chimera Bazaar.

The owners name is Jaza, a trans-human. It is a shape-shifting being. It likes to refer to itself as “he”, but that is not true. Even Jaza has forgotten its original gender and form. It has been thousands of years since Jaza has been in its original form.

What does it sell?
It sells everything and nothing; chaos and peace; reality and fantasy.
It sells you the thing you most desire.

But there is most often a catch. What people wish for, even secretly tells a lot about them doesn't it? The consequences of your wish reflect on your personality and because humans are by nature selfish and greedy it doesn't always go well.

Like one time Jaza sold a book to a young lad. This book looked normal, but because of the lad's greed and selfishness in the wish it ended badly.

2 days after the lad got the book, this journal entry was found in his room, next to his dead body.

"The book seems odd. I feel like there is something about it that feels weird. Maybe, it‘s the title or the creepy artwork in front of it. It could also be the title. „Blood of the Soul“ it just seems weird to me, kind of hunting even. I got it after having a strange dream where I was talking to some strange guy in a bazaar.

    I love the book to death though, it‘s one of my favorites now. It‘s about a guy that goes to another dimension only to find out he is basically the god of the place. It‘s a fascinating read, but it kind of captivates you in a strange way. Kinda like an addiction. 

 The pain... the pain is back. I keep getting this chest pain every time I read it, but yet I can not stop. It consumes me.
    Hold on... I got it..  It‘s because of the "

I'm not saying the bazaar is evil, I'm saying that people should be careful what they wish for, it might come true and like a monkey's paw it usually has horrible consequences.
There have been positive stories of the bazaar, but that is a tale for another day.
Isn't it?