Friday, October 14, 2011

5: Japho & Jaza

I've heard many of a story about Jaza's old life.
Jaza didn't found the bazaar till around the 1500's. So of course he did a lot of other stuff, some of which is now in history books and books of forgotten lore.
Here is a story that is not really well known to most egyptians.

Japho & Jaza

A man named Japho once approached the temple of Ra in search of enlightenment. It is said that he passed out on the spot and had a dream in which Ra told him to go to Persia and find his latest creation, Jaza. Jaza at the time was purely in his Egyptian princess form.  When Japho arrived at Jaza's Palace in Persia, which Ra had given Jaza, he asked Jaza to give him enlightenment. Jaza proceeded to snap his fingers and just like that the floors were laid down with gold, jewels and beautiful women. Jaza just looked at Japho for a while, like he was expecting something from him. Japho was a cautious cat and didn't trust Jaza, so he went around all of the things on the floor and approached Jaza. Jaza clapped slowly for Japho for he had passed the test of desire. Jaza then gave Japho his wish, true enlightenment.

I find it interesting to read these past legends of Jaza. It can be interpreted as either happy and sad. On one hand Jaza was being treated like a goddess at that time and was treated with respect and honor, but on the other hand Jaza had never really got respect from his father, Ra and also it seems that Jaza was just a pawn to Ra. That is why most people in the world have forgotten Jaza. 
Maybe that is why Jaza collects peoples most cherished memory, because he never really had one.


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