Thursday, October 13, 2011

2: Pandora isn't happy

Jaza is often very lonely. Like a bartender of an unpopular tavern he just sits there at his bazaar till someone has enough motivation and willpower to come to his bazaar.

One day I decided to pay him a visit.
As I entered the dream world and walked towards his bazaar I could see that he was excited to see me.

- "Hello Jaza, my old friend", I said.

He looked at me and smiled. 

Jaza is sad most of the time, because he can't speak to anyone. Jaza has no grasp on human language or language in general, so he usually just uses body language.

I looked around for interesting things I could add to my collection, of course I had to be cautious while getting something there since it has a weird method of payment. You have to give Jaza your most cherished memory.
I have to this day no idea what Jaza does with those memories, but basically he takes them from your mind and puts them in a vessel he keeps around at all times.

There were a lot of interesting things there like Odin's Skull; Hands of Glory; the Vorpal Sword and so forth.
But one thing I saw intrigued me; the original Pandora's Box. Me being a famous collector of paranormal items would be a fool not to take an opportunity like that. 
So I bought it, I of course have no idea what memory I paid with, obviously. That is the nature of the transaction.

I talked to Jaza for a while, he of course just stood there and listened. It seemed to make him happy.
I myself enjoy shopping there, because unlike humans, I do not have to deal with the consequences.

Humans are weak, therefor they can not comprehend the items that are on sale.

After I took the box home, I realized that it had a note on top of it.

To whom it may concern.
I warn thee...
Pandora shall not be happy.
Pandora will keep an eye on thee.
If you open the box...
Well, you just doomed the world again.

I found that strange, I framed the note, cause obviously it was from Pandora herself, making it a paranormal object.

I decided to keep the box in the back room where I keep my more valuable stuff.
I was happy with this addition.

Like I told you there are positive sides to the bazaar, you just have to have the right state of mind going in.


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