Friday, October 14, 2011

4: Jaza's Year Off

Like I explained earlier, I kind of have a connection to Jaza and see myself as some sort of father figure to him.That is why I decided to go have a talk with him earlier today.

- "Jaza, I think you should take a day off from the bazaar"

He looked at me like I was insane for even thinking that.

-"I mean if I recall you haven't taken a day off for centuries"

He still looked like I was going to torture him, but it's understandable, he loves the bazaar, it's his raison d'etre.

- "Look I am concerned about you, that's why I'm offering to take care of the bazaar today and you go do whatever you want"

Maybe it was the fact that he appreciated that I cared so much for him or he just simply changed his mind, but he agreed with me in the end.

- "Have fun" I said and waved at him.

Those were my last words to him, he then proceeded to shift into his Egyptian princess form and disappeared, I assume with teleportation, but what do I know.

From what the others have told me the transaction process is automatic at the bazaar, so the only reason someone needs to be there is to watch out for shop lifters and potential scams.

There were some interesting customers, mostly the humans. The humans are always interesting to see at the bazaar, because they have to either be very special(like have god DNA) or have very strong willpower, either way I am always impressed.

Since time is a little weird in the dream world so it gave me a lot of time to think.
I was a little worried about him, because rumor has it, although at this point you can call it legend, that in his Egyptian princess form he is very uhm.... how do I put this delicately?; joyful with sexual encounters.
That might be wrong though,because he hasn't been in this form for 800 years, this might just be a thing humans made up. It's just one of those things I worry about, I guess. But it does make sense though, I certainly would hump everything that moved if I would stand here and let my libido boil up for over 800 years. You can at least admire his patience.

Anyway, there wasn't anything particularly weird that happened that day.
Pandora and Loki came by.

-"Where's Jaza?", they asked in chorus.

-"I told him I'd take care of things here so he could have a human year off"

-"That's nice of you, we just stopped by to give him an invitation to our wedding, but since you're here we can just give you yours while we're at it"

Yeah, there was really no point in giving him a written invitation since he can't read written language , I mean he can barely understand spoken language.

Second of all, I find it a little weird that they are getting married. Isn't that a little incestuous since Loki is basically her uncle. I'm not judging just saying, they are sort of my friends so I'll support them all the way.


Then they went on their merry way.
Nothing else happened that day.

When Jaza came back to the bazaar at the end of the day, he was still in his princess form.

-"Welcome back, did you have fun?"

He just looked at me with his cute little eyes, smiled and nodded.
He seemed very grateful.
He then hugged me, which honestly kind of made me feel like the whole thing was worth it.
After that very touching moment he changed back to his cloak form and went back to work.
Just like that.


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