Thursday, October 13, 2011

3: The birth of Zaa

Who is Zaa(pronounced Za-a).
Remember the high warning I got the other day about not opening the box?
Yeah, I kind of opened it.

After I opened it a bunch of gases and smokes came out of the box, the box flew up in the air and made a hole in my roof.
I thought that perhaps Jaza had sold me a fake box, but that was not the case.
Did the box come back?

Oh, it came back alright. As I've found out is that a curse laid down on the box by the combined powers of Pandora and Loki all the evil in the word was turned into a tiny kernel, which they called "The Essence of Pandora". This Kernel was sealed in the box. When I opened it the kernel went into space and the pressure and radiation from the sun caused the kernel to mutate at an alarming rate. This caused the birth of Zaa.

Yeah, it was hard to believe Loki when I asked him, but others reassured me that that's what actually happened.

When Zaa came first to my place I was terrified. Zaa kind of looks like a very big black jellyfish, but with more arms.

She had crashed my door down and was just floating around in the doorway.

"ZCH ZCKH FACKHKXIXA" was the first thing Zaa said to me.
Of course I had no idea what it was telling me.

As I later found out, being the reincarnation of the essence of Pandora, it only knows one language, Pandorian.

ZCH ZCKH FACKHKXIXA appearantly means(given Pandora's translation when I asked her later): "I am born"

I just looked at this thing, I mean I deal with monsters, devils & godly beings everyday, but this was the first thing that I've seen that comes close to being an alien.

"ZCH KNCHIM ZAA", it continued.

I just stood there and kept saying that I didn't understand.


Then it just flew away into the night.
I was worried what I had done. Who wouldn't be worried, except maybe drug-users.

I consulted Pandora, who happened to have Loki as her guest at the time on the matter. She explained the above to me.
I asked her to translate the Pandorian language, but I could only remember the first one.
She looked very distracted, perhaps she and Loki were in the middle of something, when I came upon their doorsteps.
I've noticed a lot of chemistry between them, makes sense considering they both have the nasty habit of dooming the world, this time it was technically me who doomed the world, but they played a big part in it. I think.

I'm sure this will turn out fine, I have a legion of gods on my side, what could go wrong?


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Cool story series bro. Why haven't you written more? They're amazing!

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