Thursday, October 13, 2011

1: Bazaar of your dreams

In your dreams you might find a magical place. A place in the middle of your dream world. Right there is the bazaar of wonders. This is the Chimera Bazaar.

The owners name is Jaza, a trans-human. It is a shape-shifting being. It likes to refer to itself as “he”, but that is not true. Even Jaza has forgotten its original gender and form. It has been thousands of years since Jaza has been in its original form.

What does it sell?
It sells everything and nothing; chaos and peace; reality and fantasy.
It sells you the thing you most desire.

But there is most often a catch. What people wish for, even secretly tells a lot about them doesn't it? The consequences of your wish reflect on your personality and because humans are by nature selfish and greedy it doesn't always go well.

Like one time Jaza sold a book to a young lad. This book looked normal, but because of the lad's greed and selfishness in the wish it ended badly.

2 days after the lad got the book, this journal entry was found in his room, next to his dead body.

"The book seems odd. I feel like there is something about it that feels weird. Maybe, it‘s the title or the creepy artwork in front of it. It could also be the title. „Blood of the Soul“ it just seems weird to me, kind of hunting even. I got it after having a strange dream where I was talking to some strange guy in a bazaar.

    I love the book to death though, it‘s one of my favorites now. It‘s about a guy that goes to another dimension only to find out he is basically the god of the place. It‘s a fascinating read, but it kind of captivates you in a strange way. Kinda like an addiction. 

 The pain... the pain is back. I keep getting this chest pain every time I read it, but yet I can not stop. It consumes me.
    Hold on... I got it..  It‘s because of the "

I'm not saying the bazaar is evil, I'm saying that people should be careful what they wish for, it might come true and like a monkey's paw it usually has horrible consequences.
There have been positive stories of the bazaar, but that is a tale for another day.
Isn't it?


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