Friday, October 14, 2011

6: Jellyfish Abomination

I am truly glad to be alive. 
Why? Well, remember Zaa? Yeah, she showed up again. I was just minding my own business when suddenly, out of no where this jellyfish abomination came up to me at home. 

This was the first time I'd gotten a good look at it. It really looked like a black sludge-jellyfish. It's weird black goo dripped on me and quite frankly burned my jeans into my skin.

-"YCH SKKCLE DIX", she yelled.

I of course didn't understand a word she was saying, but I had the bad feeling that I was about to die as it began approaching me more and more.
I covered my head as is human instinct and actually was just waiting for my death, but nothing happened.

I looked up and saw Jaza standing in my room. He seemed to be fixating on Zaa, almost like he was targeting it.

- "FXOIX OZ LOKKCH THYR DIX", Zaa yelled at him.

Zaa began approaching me again. I thought my number was up, but suddenly there was a giant light coming from Jaza.

His hand quickly turned into a sword shaped light as he ran into Zaa.

Zaa screamed in what I assume was pain and squirted the black sludge it was apparently made of into Jaza's face area and the went out the window.

Jaza then retracted the "light sword", somehow and began to look at me.

Even though in cloak form no one could see his face, I knew what he was "saying".
It was kind of like his very blank expression was telling me: "I better get going"

After a while he disappeared. I still have no idea how he does that.

After this cluster fuck of weirdness, I went to have myself a nice bath. I had to cut a circle in my jeans around the part where that goo went and it took a long time to get the rest of my skin. I have thanks to Zaa 4th degree burn mark on my leg.

I actually found Zaa's appearance normal compared to the weirdness of seeing Jaza show up and use his power like that. I had no idea he could do that.
He never stops fascinating me.


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